Film Production Team

Director & Producer — Marc Smolowitz

Producer — Andrew Byrnes

Executive Producer — Chris Kelly

Director Of Photography — Nickolas Rossi

Editors — Matthew Sultan, Thomas Eugene Green

Art Director — Timothy Palmer

Post Production Services — Relevant Pictures, San Francisco

Music Supervisor — Nicole Dionne, Primal Scream Music

Composers — Kyle Moorman, Tim Easton

Music Editor —  Joe Corcoran

Associate Producer —  Jennifer Schmidt

Associate Producers —  Naomi Takeuchi, Dan Roth

Production Manager — Matthew Rome

Assistant Editor & Second Camera —  Yasufumi Higuchi

Post Production Associate & Social Media Coordinator —  Kirsten Incorvaia

Assistant Editor — Yuko Inatsuki

Audio Post Production Services — Berke Sound, San Francisco

Sound Mixer — Mark Escott

Color Finishing —  Gary Coates

Cinematographer, Toronto — Aaron Szimanski

Additional Cinematographers — Matthew Rome, Carl Sturgess, Dana Shaw, Wilfred Galila

Assistant to the Director, Japan — Ashley Ryan Arnwine

Production Assistant, Japan — Chika Konishi

Production Assistants, North America — Wilfred Galila, David McAdams, Dana Shaw, March Storm, Carl Sturgess, Nico Van den berg, Ian Wolfley

Makeup — Kaitlyn Crump

Web Developers — Marcy Rye, T-Rex Creative, a division of WireMedia; Justin Mahon, Mahon Media

Graphic Design — Marcy Rye, T-Rex Creative, a division of WireMedia; Megan Tingstrom

Fundraising & Event Consultants — Jill Shiraki, Don Spradlin

Music Clearances — David Rich, Janet Billig

Transcription Services — Averbach Transcription

Legal Services — Law Offices of Jamie Cooperstein

Accounting — Ellis Brenner, C.P.A.

Fiscal Sponsorship — San Francisco Film Society, Center for Media Change