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Welcome to our COMMUNITY SCREENINGS page. Our National Community Screenings Program is an integral part of our Outreach & Community Engagement Campaign.

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This FAQ will help you learn more about our how to screen The Power Of Two in your local community. Please read it carefully.

Why should I screen “The Power Of Two” in my community?

“The Power Of Two” will educate, enlighten and entertain general audiences as well as those in the organ donation and transplantation, cystic fibrosis/chronic illness/health care, and Asian American/Japanese communities.

Just imagine how you and your organization can use a high-profile, high-impact screening of the film to (1) reach out to your community, constituents or customers; (2) show your appreciation to volunteers, employees, or donors; (3) engage conference and convention attendees; (4) educate patients and families; or (5) fundraise!

Can Ana, Isa or the filmmaker participate in my screening event?

Subject to availability, absolutely! Whether it’s introducing the film, or participating in a Q&A or lecturing afterward, the combination of screening the film and hearing insights from the Stenzel twins and/or Academy Award nominated producer and director Marc Smolowitz, will deliver a unique experience the audience will never forget!

What about the fantastic musicians on the soundtrack?

Now you’re raising the bar! If you would like to put on a gala event that combines the power of film and music, we would be happy to help you find the right soundtrack musician(s) for your event.

Is the film available in languages other than English?

At this time, the film is available in English and Japanese (subtitled). If you are interested in screening the film in a non-English-speaking country, or in a language other than English or Japanese, please contact us.

How much does it cost to rent the film, or have Ana, Isa and/or Marc appear?

The fee for renting the film for a screening depends on (1) how many people you expect to attend, (2) whether those featured in the film and/or the filmmaker will be participating in your event, and (3) the type and size of organization hosting the event (e.g., not-for-profit or for-profit).

In addition to a film rental fee, if you would like those featured in the film and/or Marc to be a part of your event, there will be an appearance fee plus the cost of travel from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please note that you may incur costs to rent a venue, provide refreshments, promote your event, and run your event, for which you will be responsible, in addition to the film rental fee and any appearance fee payable to us. As with any substantial event, you should consider ways to lower or recoup your costs through in-kind donations, ticket sales, sponsorships, and the like.

Where has the film screened in the past?

Click here for a list of past public screenings and events.

How do I get started?

Click here to book a screening through Collective Eye Films, our partnering distributor. If you would like more information, click here to email the screening coordinator.

Thank you very much for your interest in “The Power Of Two”!