Become a Community Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a non-profit community partner of “The Power of Two,” a multimedia project centered around the documentary film of the same name that uses powerful, personal storytelling to engage communities globally in critical discussions and inspires action around organ donation and transplantation, and awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF) and other chronic illnesses.

Our growing international group of community partners provided key support during the production of the feature documentary, including by raising awareness of “The Power Of Two” among their members and constituents. Some community partners also worked with “The Power Of Two” team on film shoots of events and locations, while others provided direct financial support to help us finish the film. In return, we provided community partners recognition on our website and in the documentary, and promoted their events and initiatives to our supporters.

Now that the film is complete and we’ve launched our Outreach and Engagement Campaign around the film, we look forward to even closer collaboration with both long-time and brand new community partners around our Campaign initiatives, including film screenings, our interactive online community, up-to-date resource materials, and other events. We want “The Power Of Two” to help serve our community partners’ goals around outreach and engagement in their own communities at the same time that the partners introduce “The Power Of Two” to targeted and mainstream audiences around the world.

In addition to mutually beneficial collaboration on our Outreach and Engagement Campaign, community partners will receive logo-and-link recognition on  Community partners, which must be registered non-profit organizations, also cross link to our website, post about the project online and in newsletters, and help connect us to individuals and organizations interested in our mutual causes.  Although numerous community partners are also financial sponsors of “The Power Of Two,” there is no financial contribution required to become a community partner.

Please email Jennifer Schmidt (click here) for more information. To become a community partner now, follow the links below: