Music Highlight: Tim Easton, Pedestrian & Remy Zero

Tim Easton

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The Power Of Two’s own composer, Tim Easton, lends his musical talent to the film with three original songs: “Baby Come Home,” “The Two Of Us” and “Until It Kills You.” This critically acclaimed artist blends his soulful voice with blues-infused folk quite beautifully. Whether playing for just a handful of people or performing in front of thousands, Easton’s charm and stage presence continue to make new fans while reaffirming the love of lifelong listeners. But don’t just take our word for it; Easton’s melodies, guitar and harmonica have won him three Independent Music Awards. Or better yet, watch this video and become a fan yourself.

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An immensely talented group of musicians including Joel Shearer, Zac Rae, Blair Sinta and Joe Karnes make up the alternative rock band, Pedestrian. Different members of this Los Angeles band have performed live with such great acts as Gnarls Barkley, Our Lady Peace, Alanis Morissette and Damian Rice. Pedestrian has found success of its own with 2008’s “Sidegeist,” described on their website as a record inspired by “art, politics, love, life, loneliness, chaos, good scotch and a beautiful dog named Cedrick.” THE POWER OF TWO soundtrack features their broken-hearted, hard-edged ballad “Shape of A Pocket” that you can preview below:

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Remy Zero

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Though Alabama’s Remy Zero is now retired, the popularity and growth of its artists is widespread and far-reaching. Made up of Cinjun Tate, Shelby Tate, Cedric LeMoyne, Jeffrey Cain, and formerly Gregory Slay, Remy Zero was recruited to open for Radiohead before even recording an album and was quickly crowned the “next big thing.” Since their debut album, Remy Zero continued producing high-quality rock that has been featured in television shows like WB’s “Smallville” and movies such as “Crazy/Beautiful,” “Garden State,” and “She’s All That.” After three successful and critically lauded albums, the band parted ways in 2003.

Remy Zero’s contribution to our soundtrack, “World,” is personal to our project on several levels as it was produced by our own music supervisor, Nicole Dionne, in the Los Angeles Primal Scream Music studio. This song also honors Gregory Slay: the band’s late drummer who passed away in 2010 (at age 40) due to complications of cystic fibrosis.

You may recognize the music video below featuring Remy Zero’s hit song, “Save Me”:

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