Music Highlight: Haroula Rose, Juliette Commagere & Mindy Gledhill

As you may have read in our first Music Highlight, THE POWER OF TWO soundtrack is full of talented vocalists and musicians; some are individual singer/songwriters while others write, record and perform as bands. Our second music highlight is themed by stunning female vocalists and performers that have contributed to the soundscape of our film. Read a little about each and sample their music below!

Haroula Rose

Haroula Rose is a Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter responsible for two moving songs on THE POWER OF TWO soundtrack: “Free To Be Me” and “The New World.” She was recently praised by Margaret Wappler in the LA Times who described her as such: “The feathery tones of Haroula Rose’s debut album, ‘These Open Roads,’ are pretty enough to cause suspicion.” (Read the full LA Times article here). The entire album has received much press, as L.A. Record featured the song “Simple Time” (read here) and LA Weekly music critics called the new album “a deft and resourceful melodicist, a subtly superb acoustic guitar crafter and a distinctly winsome vocal presence.” (Read the full LA Weekly article here). Click below to watch an intimate performance of “Free To Be Me,” a fitting addition to THE POWER OF TWO soundtrack, by Haroula Rose:

Juliette Commagere

Photo via AltSounds

Two songs on our soundtrack, “Skyscraper” and “What I Do It For,” are the product of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Juliette Commagere. This beauty’s (both physically and sonically) career is so diverse that most people can at least say that they have heard her voice, even if they weren’t aware of it at the time. Lending her vocal abilities to a wide array of musical acts like critical darlings The Bird and the Bee, the danceable Hello Stranger and rock outlet Avenged Sevenfold, Commagere’s repertoire is well-versed within many genres. Commagere’s musical talent is highlighted wonderfully in this recent performance of the song “Skyscraper” featured on THE POWER OF TWO musical soundtrack (along with a second song, “What I Do It For”):

Mindy Gledhill

Photo via Make It Work Mom

Mindy Gledhill is a bubbly singer/songwriter living in Utah (after stints in California and Spain) who has a knack for whimsical songs full of love and kindness. She is featured in the January/Feburary 2011 issue of Utah Valley Magazine (preview the article here) for her live performances that “pack more life into your life.” Gledhill’s feel good music puts listeners at ease with a smile on their face. Read Mindy’s active blog where she personally sums up her persona and music better than we ever could, stating “Indie singer songwriter that will leave you floating like a scoop of vanilla cream in a strawberry soda.”

Check out her lovely video for THE POWER OF TWO soundtrack feature, “Anchor,” below:

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