Report Back From Road Test Weekend (Retro-active)

(NOTE: This blog post is being written from Tokyo, Japan. I am making every effort to catch up our followers on our process during the 10 days just prior to our departure for this incredible trip… stay tuned for more retro-active posts and, of course, live, real time blogging from the road. – Marc Smolowitz)

From Friday, Sept. 19th -  Monday, Sept. 21st, my Japan production crew and I implemented our first end to end rehearsal and road test of the digital media work flow we plan to implement while following the Stenzel Twins next month in Japan. The three elements of our process will include production, post production and web publishing – all fast breaking. Our goal is to produce mulyi-channel, digital media content on a daily basis. As such, we will be reporting on our journey across a range of social media networks, using text, photo, audio, and video. This dynamic first weekend was a testing ground for this concept. The initial results have confirmed we can do this!

See the video that emerged from the road test weekend here.

In order to prepare, the five of us spent all day together on Friday and Saturday huddled up in my Lower Haight apartment making key decisions about our entirely tape-less shooting system that will likely impact our productivity and turn around time on the road. My dynamic crew includes:

Nickolas Rossi, Director Of Photography
Yasufumi Higuchi, 2nd Camera / Editor
Matt Rome, Production Manager
Ashley Ryan, Asst. to the Producer (Translator / Social Media Guru)

These guys are incredible. I’ve been so fortunate to find such a lively and hard working team! Notably, Yasu and Ashley are entirely bi-lingual and fluent in Japanese, so we’re bound to be relying on them in a big way while we’re on the road.

Together, we went down to Redwood City, CA early on Sunday morning to shoot with Ana and Isa. It was a powerful day that created a real sense of camaraderie among the crew and our chief on-camera subjects. Monday was spent editing. Tuesday we were ready to publish… not bad for a first run-through!

Japan … here we come!

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