Tiffany Christensen

“It’s not how many breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away”

At 6 months of age, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. At 12, I had my first in-hospital stay and began physically and emotionally grappling with the difficulty of this disease.  In 1996, at age 21, I was too sick to keep up with my college classmates and had to give up my acting dreams and drop out of school, and at this time I was listed for a double lung transplant.  In 2000, my life was spared by the gift of a double lung transplant. For two years I did well physically but struggled to find a healthy relationship and meaning in my life. In 2002, I received devastating news that my lungs were rejecting and I became very sick very quickly.

With no second transplant in sight, I found my inner world opening as my outer body weakened. I discovered a connection to the universe I had never known and my self image began to shift. Instead of defining myself by my actions, I was able to go deeper and find my true essence. This, is the “Permanent Me.” This new understanding of myself and others allowed me to embrace the idea that I was valuable; in a hospital gown or in an evening gown! The person inside the wrapper remained the same.  I was able to get a second transplant in March of 2004. When I woke up in ICU, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to those touched by illness.

Today, I am in my mid thirties and am enjoying the best time of my life. In 2007 my first book, “Sick Girl Speaks!” ( was published and became popular with patients, families and healthcare professionals. I also enjoy the role of Illness and Transition Coach, helping other patients navigate the healthcare maze. Since 2005, I have participated in many exciting speaking events.  While my career gives me great satisfaction, my greatest joy has come from meeting the man of my dreams, adopting one crazy Whippet and enjoying life with my wonderful friends and family. I know that life is precious and precarious. It is my hope to live each day with integrity and purpose; leaving no room for regrets.

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